Ahoy Margaret!

I use the nautical greeting to accentuate your amazing ability to steer our little ship through the treacherous waters of our recent real estate storm. Facing relocation, we selected you to list our house because of your upbeat, energetic attitude and your immense knowledge of the market. The day began with a bright sun and warm winds, and we set sail with you, our course well charted. Your attention to detail and your knack of turning negatives into positives did the job and our house sold in two days. You quickly hooked us up with an agent in the town where we were moving and we were able to relax knowing you were taking care of things at home.

Then the winds really began to blow and the skies turned dark; our relocation was cancelled. We would be homeless in three weeks. I’ll never forget calling you that day, near tears, distraught but motivated to find a home. That day I discovered that not only were you great at your job, you were also a great friend. Once again your positive attitude took over and you came up with a solution in a matter of days. I don’t know how we can ever thank you.

You have remained an anchor for us, going over and above board in selling our home, finding the rental, then our new home, guiding us through every step of the process and you can rest assured that your name will roll happily off my tongue whenever anyone mentions needing a real estate agent! Thank you so much Margaret! You have been a blessing from start to finish!

Roger and Ceil Weber

Margaret changed my opinion!

First and foremost, I'm not a fan of realtors, a crucial piece of information for the review to follow.

I find realtors to be glorified, overpaid car salesmen that stand between me and my next purchase. But, they are often times a necessary evil for the business of real estate. Much of this has been based on bad experiences in the past and to be perfectly honest, it seems there are no shortage of mediocre agents out there that for one reason or another decide to go into real estate. I believe this is because those people have tried other jobs they simply can't do, so they jump into real estate thinking it'll be easy money for little effort. But because of this very reason, it makes it exponentially harder for buyers and sellers to find a solid, reputable real estate agent that has their clients' best interest at heart. This is the reason I've decided to take the time to write a review for our realtor, Margaret.

We moved to NC from another state recently, but had been planning a move to the area for several years. During that period, we spent time in the Mooresville area and researched places to live. And although we had amassed quite a bit of information, we still hadn't found what we were after. Scouring the real estate offerings, we found an open house very close to Lake Norman in an area we liked, that just so happened to be hosted by Margaret. We hadn't been working with an agent to that point, but she was one of two agents we met that day.

We toured the property and although it was very nice, it wasn't for us. But Margaret came across as very friendly and knowledgeable of the area. Both my wife and I quickly got the impression that she's somewhat of a "pitbull", i.e. a go-getter with a tenacity for getting questions answered and problems solved. Based on what we were looking for, she suggested we check out a few houses on the east side of Iredell County, casually mentioning that if we were interested in seeing them to let her know, never pressuring. It happened that the houses she suggested we look at were being shown by another agent at the time, so being opportunistic we decided to allow him to show us as well. This agent was also very friendly and knowledgeable of the area. At this point we had not yet moved from our previous home several states away, so contact with both realtors remained casual.

As time went on, we maintained contact with both realtors, but it was quickly becoming clear that if we wanted someone to best represent our interests in our next home purchase, there wasn't a doubt in either my or my wife's mind that Margaret can get the job done. I had no reservations about sharing our experiences with past agents to Margaret, as well as why we chose her to represent us. I also shared our level of expectations if we were to enter into an agreement. Her knowledge and "pitbull" attitude would help us purchase our new home! And Margaret did not disappoint. We not only located and now living in our new home, but Margaret brought tremendous insight and experience that we would have otherwise been caught out by.

She helped us navigate the "murky waters" of home buying in a new state. She was in constant contact via email and phone throughout the purchase process and present at every single inspection done on the home. I can't remember a time when I reached out to her and she didn't answer or got back to me within the hour. There are hundreds of countless "little things" that Margaret does to make the process as seamless as possible, simply because it is in her nature to do so. I am both proud to say that we accomplished exactly what we set out to do, and that we found the right person to get it done for us! I'm also happy to say Margaret has successfully altered my impression of real estate agents, giving hope that there are decent, professional realtors out there that represent their clients well! Thank you Margaret!!

J. & A. Waechter

Great Job Margaret!

My wife and I appreciate all the effort and work you put forth into selling our townhouse in Mooresville. You were like having our own information computer and navigation system to handle the whole thing from beginning to end, since neither of us are from the area and know little if anything about the real estate market.

Thanks for staging our home too. By adding just those little touches made our home look warm and welcoming even though we had already moved out, I know that made a big difference.

It was a refreshing change of mentality to have someone to handle everything from beginning to end. Again, thanks a lot! — I. and R. Jones

You got the best with Margaret

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Margaret Cremen as a seller’s agent for our home. We had been unsuccessful with a FSBO attempt the year before and decided to rent the home for a year due the sudden shift in the real estate market. When the time came to re-list, we interviewed several realtors. Margaret had wonderful enthusiasm and aggressive marketing strategies- which we felt were very important. We unfortunately had a difficult renter at the time, and Margaret was incredibly gracious and willing to handle all of the correspondence regarding showings and open houses. She was very encouraging and optimistic regarding the sale of our home, and in the end…..came in with a great buyer for us!!! We would highly recommend Margaret Cremen and will definitely hire her again with any future real estate transactions.


A. and C. Drum

"Hi Margaret,

Thanks so much for taking care of my Mother. She called me every night to tell me some other great thing you’ve done for her that day. I’m beginning to think you might walk on water. (Only kidding) Thanks again for being so kind and patient. I’m so glad we found you." - Jim M.

Thank you Margaret, 

My wife and I moved from coast-to-coast and in doing so dealt with a number of Realtors, but I must admit you surpassed all of them!  We expected you to know the area, be familiar with the developments, etc., but you went beyond our expectations.  You were always one step ahead of us, always thinking of our best interest, arranging for all the inspections and actually being there the whole time, helping with the utilities, the landscaping, everything went smooth.  We actually enjoyed moving, if that's possible.  Margaret, you went "above the call of duty", it's easy to see that you love your job.  Thanks too Margaret for the referral list, we now have a favorite doctor, hairdresser, pharmacy, electrician and house cleaner.  We will surely send friends and family your way.  Take care, - S. Meltzer, Moorestown, NJ to Mooresville, NC   

Margaret's the Best!

My wife and I recently moved from the west side of Mooresville to the east side of town. You were such a big help to us. Not only did you list and sell our house, but you also found us our new home. Margaret, you are very passionate about your job. You went above and beyond the call of “realtor duty”. You made the transition from one house to the other go as smoothly as possible. Not only did we find a good Realtor in you to do business with, but we also found a new friend. We will recommend you to everyone we know. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. J. and B. Swisher